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I get a little mad every time I read one of the news sources remaining neutral. Not because neutrality is inherently bad, but because I can see the exact moments where points in favor of Mike Brown and the city of Ferguson are downplayed in order to maintain that tone. That’s infuriating.

At any rate, I hope the jury can cross reference the testimony with whatever he threw on facebook and weed out how blatantly the initial testimony contradicted the actual events of the day. I’m sure Wilson has a Very Good Lawyer but with any goodness at all the jury will pursue a conviction.

Sept. 17 1:10 pm


The title loosely translates to “A Rolling Belle’s Unwavering Speed” and it seems to be about skateboarding. Looks like a fun time.

Ah, wait, its a novel, but she did the advert and cover illustration.
Still looks interesting though.

Nishimura posted a video advert for one of her comics like 2 years back and I think I’m going to try an pick it up sometime. 

illckr she has a blog! http://tsuchika.exblog.jp/

tsuchika nishimura! one of my absolute favorites

Sweet! Ty very much.

Three doodles and my notebooks for this semester.

When in doubt, redraw selfies.

When in doubt, redraw selfies.